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ABOUT HANMA Located in Guangzhou, with an area of more than 8000 square meters, Guangzhou Han Ma Automation Control Equipment Co., Ltd is well-known as HANMA LASER As a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and trade, HANMA LASER is a national high and new technology industry specialized in laser industry. With 13 year of experience, first-class talents technology, leading concept good quality product, HANMA LASER build up a good reputation by thousands of customers. We now managing on different series for specific industry application, including: Nonmetal laser cutting series, engraving series, digital-printed textile cutting series, Mixed cutting series, Fiber laser cutting series, Laser Die-Making series etc. Machine has been serving more than 150 country and regions. With 13-year experience, first class technical talented person, leading edge technology, high-quality products, good reputation and scientific ideas, HANMA LASER wins the trust of all customers. HANMA LASER develops different series of laser machines, including nonmetal laser cutting and engraving, printed fabric cutting, metal and nonmetal cutting, fiber laser cutting and laser die cutting. HANMA LASER products are sold throughout the country and exported to overseas countries and regions. Our target is: By the fast growing of Made-in-China, with professional technology, and experience on-line off-line service, HANMA LASER striving to be one of the leading brand of laser cutting machine manufacturer.


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2016年12月1日汉马与华族单组份超级字技术 精工字制作 交流会。 两家公司秉持着技术共


汉马激光专业的外贸经理现场为外国客户,讲解 布料皮革激光切割机 的使用方法和性



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